About Masonic Bookworm

This blog is a part of a growing set of projects focused on my path in Freemasonry.  It is a personal project, representative of my own investigations and expressions of a wide variety of concepts and areas of knowledge.

Additionally, I am interested in the opportunities for Spiritual growth presented by initiation systems of many types.  I am interested in the language of symbols, both visual as well as scenarios, parables, and rituals.  I am interested in history, particularly ancient civilizations.  I was given the nickname "Bookworm" long ago in my College fraternity for my appetite for reading, researching, and writing on subjects ranging from Egyptology to Medieval Illuminated texts.

More than just a personal project, however, I hope for Masonic Bookworm to be a contributor to a current global dialog as a significant web based resource for people interested in knowledge.  

My online presence has grown to include the following networks.

Twitter:  @masonicbookworm
Tumblr:  MasonicBookworm.tumblr.com