Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Name of God

OK, the name of God scenario.  When you are at Church, any of the following designations are clearly references to God.

The Christ
The King of Kings
The Prince of Peace
The Lamb
The Lily of the Valley
The Bright and Morning Star
The Vine
The Good Sheperd
The Lord
The Savior
The Messiah
The Author and Finisher of my Faith

When you hear any of these names, phrases, titles, you understand and accept that God is being referred to.  Most religions believe there is only one God.  They believe that people who use other names are misguided.  Of course, some religions teach that Allah, Jehovah, and God the Father of Christ are all different Gods.  But most religions believe that there is only one Supreme Being, whatever he may be called.

For some though, the fact that Freemasons refer to the one God, the Supreme Being, as the "Great Architect of the Universe", means that it is a different God altogether.  It's funny how people who believe that there is only one true God have so many conceptual images, verbal designations, names, symbols, and concepts to describe Him.  It seems that the fewer names that are used, the greater difficulty in knowing if it is the right God or not.


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