Sunday, April 8, 2012

Analyzing Lodge Needs

In order to improve the state of the lodge, masons need to determine what it's needs are.  We can do a lot if Brethren would apply the knowledge and skill they use in their non-masonic professions into the Craft.  I don't think this is inappropriate.  Certainly we apply the lessons of the lodge to our work life.  Why not bring the skills we have as men into our beloved institution?

If our job or business had problems with revenue or profit, if the building of the business were leaking, if we had communications problems, broken equipment, or people not showing up for work, we would fix these problems.  We would work on them.  But masonry, being corporate in nature depends upon the input and participation of a group mind to accomplish what would seem to be obvious.

All of the problems in the Lodge can be fixed by applying a little analysis, a little planning, and a little execution.  Sure, things take commitment, labor, maybe money, but these things are not insurmountable.  Brethren may find that where a problem is addressed with a clear analysis and a plan, participants mysteriously appear.  Where a problem has a clear budget and identification of value and benefit, money appears from people who previously seemed reluctant.  Where clear communication of expectations is, so labor appears.

It is not so much what we don't have, but what we don't do that restricts our progress as a lodge.


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