Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Unity of Masonry

The following quote is excerpted from a magazine from the year 1859. I have left the spelling of terms as written, although they display a general ignorance of other religions in the world.  The intent is not to offend Muslims, Hindus, Jews, or Buddhists, but to show the general attitude of Freemasonry, even in ignorance of the specifics, toward universal acceptance of men of all religions, and the attempt to define what unites all of us irrespective of sect or creed.  I believe we have misinterpreted this acceptance to believe that almost no religion is favorable to any specific religion.  I don’t know where we went off the path.

“As Christian Masons, acknowledging the divinity of Christ, we have introduced the Bible into our lodges to manifest our belief in the doctrines which it inculcates; in like manner the followers of Moses, Mahomet, and Burmah may introduce into their masonic assemblies their Pentateuch, their Alcoran, and their Vedan, and yet the unity of masonry would remain – the essential principles on which she moves would be the same – she would still declare to her votaries, I regard not to what sect you attach yourselves; venerate the popular religion of your respective countries; follow the light of your understanding; forget not however the doctrine of the religion of nature; adore the Great Architect of the Universe, acknowledge the immortal soul, and look forward to a state of future retribution, when the virtuous of all religions and countries shall meet together and enjoy never-fading bliss.”

The American Freemason; A Monthly Magazine, Volume III (1859)


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