Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On Proficiency

Below is a "rant" delivered to me by a Past Master whose knowledge I greatly respect.  While he did not intend it to be so, it includes a great identification of several valuable qualities a Mason should aspire to if he wishes to serve within the Lodge.


My Brother,

I could really care less about a WM knowing all the work by heart as most don't understand the meaning of ritual in the first place let alone the deep symbolism behind it! My point about proficiency stems from as you said "the pure as the driven snow" attitude. And whether one chooses to recognize, honor spit on etc, isn't my issue. My issue is the carrot on the stick sort of thing. My issue is the we are perfect and if you were as perfect as we are then you would deserve this. So I feel the issue comes down to whom is be suited to serve. Because if just being raised PHA is the bar I truly motion that we raise that higher and add some understanding of what it means to lead!! That we add the understanding of servant leader!! That we truly realize the importance of sacrifice!! That we study to show ourselves worthy!! That we understand that we are a counselor, teacher, leader, helper, servant, brother, friend, shoulder to cry on, champion of justice and not a biased judge of character, willing to listen and to understand the lodges temperature!! A motivator of men who will lead them but understand he is NOT to be a tyrant!! A man who exemplifies the behavior he wishes others to emulate!! Now if you think for half a second I picked all this up when I became "regular" then you are highly mistaken. But we are taking "regularity" and I get that. Even if 9 GL in the south don't! I get it, doesn't make one smarter or better fit to govern but I get it! But if I am a baseball manager I am putting my best team on the field to win. I personally wouldn't give a damn where he came from!! Can he hit? Can he get me runs? The he starts and holds the position or title. What good does it do to start someone over him and give them the title and he can't do any of that??!! Regardless of his origin?!!

Bro. Only, PM
Immaunel Lodge #153


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