Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Perfect Man

A Poem by Beloved Allah

Here’s my plan I’m going to do all within my power to be more like my Father & set out to build The Perfect Man, with just these two hands.

One who doesn’t lie, drink, smoke or cheat; I shall start by using the Bible as a blue print & the working tools of my profession. For this holy book & tools have brought me from out of the dark into the light, it is this divine book & these tools that has opened my eyes to how I shall  no-longer live my life but strive to do all that is right.

I will first need the help of my twenty four inch gauge, for with it I shall measure out the hours in a day, eight hour for work, another eight for building The Perfect Man & to honor God, with the last eight hours that shall be for resting & being with my family; who I need in my life like air to breathe.

Here I shall use the aid of my powerful common gavel, which will help breakdown or do away with all that I don’t need, like being with the wrong people or running the streets.

You see I am working on subduing my passion & being more careful in my actions. This is when I call upon the plumb to get this job done, as it will construct a more upright man, now do you see my goal or understand my plan?

For I strive to build The Perfect Man with these two hands.The level shall bring spiritual balance if I am to ever slip or fall, & the square shall help square off all devilishment.

This will take true skill & much restraint so the compass is what I will use to measure the life of this man, who strives to unlock that perfect man; never allowing others to stop me or block me from receiving further light.

So with my best foot forward I shall be on the level at all times, as I travel up that winding staircase  with attentive ear, instructive tongue & a faithful breast, using my trowel as a sword spreading brotherly love.

Within every breathe I take every step I make as I strive to build The Perfect Man that exists within all good men, who at onetime or another may have lost their way from being…… The Perfect Man!


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