Monday, June 11, 2012

Communication is key

Communication is key to Lodge success.  Some Lodge communication is bogged down in tradition.  Masonic Education is recognized as important.  But what about shedding light during Lodge?  What about opportunities to learn while outside Lodge?
Here's a radical idea that is still not Masonic innovation:  Make information available electronically.

I know the arguments against it.  But I think it is a matter of doing it well.  It can be done well. 

Many members do not commmunicate electronically...

Understood.  However, many do.  Lets make information available to those who use email or websites.  When Brethren are fully armed with information, we may find that they are willing to be ambassadors to others, serving as a conduit of information to those who might not otherwise hear of it.

Some information is not intended to be published...

This makes sense.  But we're not talking about publishing on the front page of a website for the public.  Internal communications about the calendar, the budget, and the program for the year should be able to be made into PDF documents and distributed via private email.
Some Lodge members may read this and shake their heads, surprised that some Lodges are still not doing this.  Still others with shake their heads surprised that some Lodges are still considering this.  We understand that one size does not fit all, and technology does not fix all problems.

But strike by strike, we need to continue trying to perfect the stones we are working on.  One of those stones is Communication.  Where there are imperfections, we need to try to introduce perfection, or at least an incremental improvement.  Let us consider introducing electronic communication for Lodge business.


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