Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Masonic Dates

Ancient Craft Masonry begins its era with the Creation of the World, calling it Anno 
Lucis (AL) "In the year of Light" (add 4004 years to the current Gregorian year).  
Royal Arch Freemasonry dates from the year when the second Temple was begun by 
Zerubbabel, Anno Inventionis (AI), "In the year of the Discovery" (add 530).
 Royal Ark Mariners date from the year of the deluge, Anno Deluvii (A.Dil.), "In the year 
of the Deluge" (add 2348). 
The Degrees of Captivity date from the closing years thereof, Anno Reductionis (AR), "In 
the year of the Return" (add 530); same as AI. 
Cryptic Masons date from the year in which the Temple of Solomon was completed. Anno Depositionis (A.Dip.), "In the year of the Deposit" (add 1000).
Knights Templar start their calendar with the formation of the order in 1118 AD. Anno Ordinis (A.O.), "In the year of the Order" (deduct 1,118)
The Scottish Rite date the same as Craft Masons, except for the use of the Jewish Chronology. Anno Mundi (A.M.), "In the year of the World" (add 3760)

- From an online post by Tofique Fatehi


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