Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Satisfying Our Inquiries

"It is a matter of extreme regret to the well informed portion of the Fraternity, that Freemasonry, as it is practiced in some of our Lodges, offers to the candidate few opportunities for satisfying his inquiries on the subject of it's refined philosophy, and affords little aid towards the enlightenment of his mind on those abstruse subjects which none can understand without the labor and assiduity which are prompted by a zealous desire to excel. It is for the satisfaction of this class of inquirers that the author has been induced to publish a consecutive series of lectures, all of which are intended to contribute to the same end; viz, the honor of masonry has a moral and scientific institution - the instruction of the Brethren - and the glory of the MOST HIGH."

The Theocratic Philosophy of Freemasonry in Twelve Lectures on its Speculative, Operative, and Spurious Branches


The Rev. G. Oliver, D.D.

From the Preface to the First Edition


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