Saturday, October 26, 2013

Constant Felicity

"Masons in particular, as the elect of God, should put on bowels of compassion; your addition of wisdom, both scientific and Divine, which you receive in your lectures should make you apt to teach. The humble condition, both of property and dress; of penury and want, in which you was received into the Lodge; should make you at all times sensible of the distresses of poverty, and all you can spare from the call of nature, and the due care of your families, should only remain in your possessions, as a ready sacrifice to the necessities of an unfortunate, a distressed Brother. Let the distressed cottage feel the warmth of your Masonic zeal; and if possible, exceed even the unabating ardour of Christian charity. At your approach, let the orphan cease to weep; and in the sound of your voice, let the widow forget her sorrow. Let your amiable presence at home be the constant felicity of your family. Let the sincerity of your piety and devotion be a song of praise in the church.  Let the integrity and affability of your conduct in the world, be the subject of conversation to all those with whom you travel through life; and charity and benevolence the armorial bearings of your masonic honours."

Jethro Inwood, Sermons


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